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Covid 19

Since the outbreak of Covid19 our drivers have been issued with gloves, wipes, hand gel and disinfectant spray. They regularly disinfect the interior of the vehicles such as handrails and seat backs. Our buses are cleaned internally every day by their drivers. 

All of our services are currently running to a school holiday service which we expect to be in place until 1st September when the majority of schools return after the summer holiday. Please keep checking back here or on our social media pages for the latest updates. 

School Services

We have received confirmation from Kent County Council regarding the safe operating of school services and social distancing. For timetabled services marked as school days only (620, 638, 667 & 954) we can use all forward facing seats on the vehicles but will not allow standing passengers. Because of how these services are now registered with the traffic commissioner we are ONLY PERMITTED TO TRANSPORT CHILDREN ATTENDING SCHOOL on them. Any adults wishing to travel on these services unfortunately can not due to social distancing. All children on these service will be required to wear face coverings AT ALL TIMES on the bus with no exemptions*. Failure to comply with this  (refusal to wear them or removing them when on the bus) may result in future refusal to travel. This is because of the higher number of passengers and the lack of social distancing on the vehicle.  Whilst on the bus, children MUST remain seated and MUST NOT MOVE AROUND THE VEHICLE.  All other services (35, 36, 541/2/4 & 660) will continue to operate as they currently do with a maximum of 50% capacity of the vehicle.


Service 620

0734 Hastingleigh to Canterbury

1535 Canterbury to Hastingleigh

Service 638:

0735 Faversham to Whitstable

0735 Whitstable to Faversham

1455 Faversham to Whitstable

1535 Faversham to Whitstable

1600 Whitstable to Boughton.

Service 667:

0710 Challock to Canterbury

1555 Canterbury to Challock

Service 954

0730 Birchington to Sandwich Technology School

1540 Sandwich Technology School to Birchington

1330 Wednesday only Sandwich Technology School to Birchington.

We apologise to our regular customers who use these journeys and will no longer be able to. We hope this will only be a temporary arrangement.


  *Medical ground are exempted.

Social Distancing On Our Buses

Most of the buses we use will safely seat up to 10-15 passengers under current social distancing rules, however, some such as some of our rural services and the Tesco Free Bus seat slightly less. When travelling with us, please follow these rules as outlined below:

1) Please wait for passengers to exit the vehicle first and do not gather close around the doors.

2) When queuing for the bus and waiting to get off the bus, please maintain 2 meters safe distance between you and the other passengers. 

3) Whilst travelling on the bus, avoid sitting directly next to other passengers (unless they’re members of your household) and please don’t sit on the aisle seats.

4) The seats closest to our drivers are out of use and please don’t stand close to our drivers – or other passengers whilst waiting to get off.

5) If you are advised that the bus is full please don’t become abusive to our staff. This will not be tolerated. These rules are there to keep you and others safe.

6) Please avoid touching the interior of the vehicle as much as possible – handrails, seats, windows etc. Do not close windows. 

7) Do not eat or drink on the bus at any time.

8) If you feel unwell and are showing signs of Covid19, DO NOT TRAVEL. 

9) Please wear your mask/face covering at all times on the bus. It MUST be on before you board. Holding it in your hand isn’t acceptable..

10) On the Tesco Free Bus, only use this service to travel to and from Tesco Whitstable. Do not use this service to travel into town or Estuary View. If you need either of these places, please use a service bus.  

11) Do not close windows. They are left open to maintain a flow of fresh air throughout the vehicle.

Face Coverings

From 15th June all passengers MUST wear a face mask or covering when using public transport. Failure to do so will result in you being refused travel. For more information please visit : https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-travel-guidance-for-passengers#public-transport 

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, we would suggest using a ‘Sunflower Lanyard’ which is now the recognised sign of hidden disables and covers many things from Asthma to ADHD and much more. Please visit their page for more information:  https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/ 

We recommend that passengers also wear disposable gloves or use hand sanitiser – especially if they are paying a cash fare.  



We offer a variety of tickets for your journey on our buses so whether you want to make a single trip or require one days unlimited travel, we have something for you. Unfortunately we currently don’t accept cashless payments on our bus services so please make sure your have money to pay for your journey. Our drivers do carry a limited float and are able to give change where available.


Single Ticket: For a single journey between two destinations.


Return Ticket: For a return journey between two destinations.


Weekly Ticket: For a 5 or 6 days worth of daily return journeys between two destinations.


Monthly Ticket: For 1 months worth of daily return journeys between two destinations.


Discovery Ticket: For 1 days UNLIMITED travel in the Southeast on most major bus operators.


We also accept most local authority concession bus passes as well as the KCC Travel Saver passes. These can all be scanned on our ticket machine as you enter the bus.


We do not accept Stagecoach or Arriva tickets on our services – EXCEPT for services 61/61A/90 and Stagecoach or Arriva issued Discovery Tickets.



Discovery Tickets.


As mentioned above, we issue and accept Discovery Tickets on our services. These are a great way to travel around the Southeast and are valid on many bus operators including: ASD, Arriva, Brighton & Hove, Chalkwell, Metrobus, Nu-Venture, Regent Coaches, Stagecoach and The Big Lemon. Discovery Tickets are valid for one day travel only and are handy if you are making a longer distance bus journey for which you would normally pay for. Please buy your Discovery Ticket from your Regent Coaches driver as you board the bus.


ADULT £9.00


CHILD £7.20


FAMILY £17.50 (A family ticket is up to 2 adults and 3 children!)



PlusBus Tickets.


We accept PlusBus Tickets on our buses in the following areas: Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Herne Bay, Margate, Sandwich and Whitstable . Please show your ticket to the driver as you board the bus.


For more information please visit the PlusBus website: www.plusbus.info


Catching Our Buses.


Our services use all the regular bus stops no matter what the branding on the actual bus stop flag. There are certain incidences where there are multiple stops in a town centre that we will only serve a certain one, this will be advertised on our timetable. In certain rural areas there are no physical bus stop flags so please stand in a safe location away from any junctions and signal clearly to our driver when you see your bus approaching. Please have your pass or fare ready when you board the bus.