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 All of our services are now on bustimes.org where you can track them in real time. Please click on the link to visit their site. (Please note: this is an external site and we’re not responsible for it’s content.)

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30th April 2024

620 Service will not be able to serve Petham due to emergency road closure. The morning service will pick up at Hastingleigh and Waltham, at which point the bus will turn around and head for Stone Street. It will then come into the other end of Petham and turn around and pick up at Watery lane. The afternoon service will be in reverse.


22nd April 2024

660 service is unable to serve the villages of Goodnestone and Graveney due to emergency roadworks on Headhill Road. 

The closest point we can now serve for the 07:00, 08:20, 10:00, 12:08, 16:00 and 17:40 to Faversham is Whitstable Road, junction with Head Hill Road. This is due to cars from the village being parked on the Goodnestone Lane junction and surrounding area meaning the bus is unable to safely turn around. Also due to the length of the diversion and added traffic we are unable to divert round to the far side of the village as it adds too much time and will make the rest of the service very late.
For the run in and out of Whitstable the service will be going down the Thanet Way and along Monkshill Road where it will pick the route up again on Seasalter Road. Passengers can wait at this junction to go to Whitstable at 10:23 and 13:28 or to Faversham at 11:43 and 14:43. Again unfortunately we are unable to divert up to Murton Place as we loose too much time navigating Monkshill Road.

Forthcoming Works & Events:

Changes To Service 660 Timetable.

From 1st September 2022 we will be making a few minor changes to the early morning journeys on service 660. They are summarised as follows:

07:00 Faversham to Graveney will no longer run.

07:10 Graveney to Stalisfield will now depart Graveney at 07:00 and run 10 minutes earlier throughout.

07:48 Stalisfield to Graveney service will now depart at 07:38 and run 10 minutes earlier throughout.

08:30 Graveney to Stalisfield will now depart at 08:20 and run 10 earlier throughout.

All other services from the 09:17 from Stalisfield onwards are unchanged. This is to allow the bus to serve Eastling School earlier and allow the children to get to school on time.


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