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Well it depends on where you are travelling to and what sort of length of day you’ll be having. From our base in Kent, all our drivers use a tachograph and are therefore governed by strict drivers hours regulations. They can driver continuously for a maximum of four and a half hours before requiring a forty-five minute break. Once they’ve had that break they can drive for another four and a half hours. Anything more than this requires two drivers which obviously would be more expensive. The other constraint on drivers is that they have a maximum 15 hour working day. This starts from when they arrive at the yard and finishes once they leave the yard at the end of the day. Sometimes adjusting the length of your day can make all the difference between needing 2 drivers or being able to use just the one which will have a noticeable effect on the final price. Other considerations are things like road tolls, ferry or tunnel fares for continental trips and parking. It’s worth remembering though that coach hire is a very economical and environmentally friendly way to travel with the cost per passenger sometimes being as low as £15 per head – again, obviously depending on where your journey takes you.